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Every few seconds, a CustomerCount customer satisfaction survey is being submitted. With our advanced metrics, up-to-date analytics, and customizable reports, you can hear and act on it all.

* Each dot represents real customer feedback from more than 118 countries, collected through our enterprise customer feedback solution.
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Customer Surveys Deployed

How Can Your Business Use CustomerCount?

Look at the examples below

Monitor feedback from customers about their sales experience

How do your customers feel after speaking with one of your company representatives? Were their questions and concerns answered? Did they get what they needed?

Get real-time, immediate access to your customers' feedback with CustomerCount - feedback that may be tracked to the individual representative level.

Sales Experience

Sales Experience for CustomerCount Feedback Management System

Use CustomerCount to support your sales training and staffing needs.

Capture feedback about your customer service interactions

An astonishing 91% of unhappy customers will never purchase goods or services from you again. However, if you make an effort to remedy customers' complaints, 82% to 95% of them will stay with you.

Address potential customer service issues before they become significant "problems" and you could save significant money on your sales process.

Contact Experience

Contact Experience Management System

The lowest-ranking employee can lose more customers than can be gained by the highest-ranking employee

Capture valuable customer feedback prior to your product launch

When planning product improvements or changes, use CustomerCount to run ideas past your customers before implementing.

Will a planned enhancement provide the value as anticipated? Will customers be willing to pay more for a new product attribute?

Product Experience

Product Experience for Feedback Management

Use CustomerCount to gain valuable customer insight prior to your product launch.

Is Your Customer Service Compliant?

Today's consumers and regulators demand systems that comply with privacy and security regulations aimed at protecting customer data and supporting those with disabilities. Are you sure you're compliant?

ADA Compliance isn't Just Important. It's Mandatory.

Websites and social media have long been able to avoid ADA compliance, but those who continue to do so are in peril.

With CustomerCount surveys, you can rest easy knowing that all surveys we send are 100% ADA compliant and can reach the widest possible audience.

W3C ADA Compliance
Data Security - SOC 2 Readiness Report

Are You Thinking About Security?

Record fines have been levied against companies in the past few years as thieves have breached institutional data houses with startling efficiency. Often these breaches occur because of small security oversights, ones easily avoided.

Ask us about our SOC 2 Readiness report which can help you get your company on the right track.

A Feature-Rich, Cloud Based Survey Solution

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Use Net Promoter Score (NPS) to gauge loyalty

By employing the use of two questions, we can quantify just how loyal your customers are and identify which customers are in danger of leaving you.

Let CustomerCount take the guess work out of customer loyalty and provide you with actionable information to use on a daily basis.
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Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Responsive Design & Device Recognition

With nearly 50% of all surveys now being done on a mobile device, this more crucial than ever! Utilize CustomerCount and analyze your customer feedback and reports from any device and any screen size.
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Responsive Design

Full Text Search

Drill down to find exactly what you're looking for with Full Text Search across all customer survey results.
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Full Text Search

On Site Service Request

On Site Service Request Solution - Address issues as they happen, while customers are still on site, with filters designed to highlight and alert you to constructive customer feedback as well as needs.
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