Use Surveys to Drive Newsletter Content




September 10, 2010

Driving content for your properties’ newsletter can be a daunting task for anyone assigned that responsibility. Do you discuss the newest craze that is social media? Or do you provide information about the newest amenity around the local area that would interest visitors? I submit, why not use your existing members and guests to provide you the newsletter content? This can easily be realized by using information received from your comment cards or electronic surveys. Consultants always talk about communicating with the ownership population, so here is a great opportunity to do so.

Let them know right off the bat that you are communicating information as a direct result from a recent survey. This makes existing owners feel good because you are commenting on a subject they recently provided feedback. For new visitors, it shows your property is proactive in not only listening to their likes and dislikes, but also share their comments with the masses. Depending on how often your newsletter is distributed, you could have one question in your survey that changes month to month.

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