Why You Need to Understand the Voice of the Customer

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By Bob Kobek, RRP
President, CustomerCount

Every morning (almost – mostly) I have a board meeting while shaving. One of the mandates of that board meeting between me and me is to invent an idea that we can use to enhance our software and its appeal to customers.

Of those ideas, some actually make it to the garage as I am leaving for work. Some of those survive as far as the parking lot and, every now and again, one might make it into the office to get researched. Then, now and again, that rare idea hits the discussion stage.

Going from the board meeting in the mirror to the design stage is a process that really does, sort of, work. It is that one idea (and the ideas of others) in a quarter that does move from idea to innovation.

That enhancement, between other enhancements, demonstrates to our customers that we are always thinking.

Interval windshield wipers were invented because the public asked for them.

In our case, the best idea is the one that comes from our clients who ask the question: “Can you make your software do …”?

It is the bad idea that causes me to be reminded that we should not talk to ourselves – we should be better listeners. We should be listening to the voice of the customer.

If you would like assistance in listening to the voice of your customer, then contact us now for a demo of our survey solutions and feedback management or call us +1 317-816-6000.

Does your company cut it when it comes to listening to the voice of the customer?

About CustomerCount

CustomerCount was developed, and is managed today, by Bob Kobek, president of Mobius Vendor Partners. The company is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2019 as a firm focused on business process design and management.

CustomerCount is a feature-rich, cloud based survey solution providing intuitive real-time reporting, fast turnaround on updates, and detailed and dynamic data gathering for process improvement and customer loyalty to improve your bottom line.

We design company or product branded survey communications that present questions that maximize response rates and get you the information you need. Our robust reporting component supports 24/7 online access to real time customer feedback via reports customized to meet your business needs.

CustomerCount is a web-based product, minimizing installation time and expense. Due to the innovative technological architecture of CustomerCount, ongoing updates to survey content, report formats and other features are easily and quickly accommodated.

More recently, CustomerCount has developed the Worldwide Research Analytics Program (WRAP), a group of independent minds and businesses brought together by Bob Kobek.

The aim of the WRAP group is simple: to provide CustomerCount clients with additional reporting services that reveal deeper insights into their customer’s attitudes.

By looking beyond the wealth of data generated by CustomerCount’s customer surveys, WRAP members provide industry-specific observations and advice. This information can be used to identify key areas such as process and service improvement.

Trending: It’s Hard to Argue with History

Matt Morris, Matt Morris

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Trending: It’s Hard to Argue with History
By: Marc E. Carlson
CustomerCountSM Business Relationship Manager

Whether conducting trend analysis on sales, social media, stock price, or the business intelligence received from your customer feedback program, it’s amazing what you can find. I was contemplating where the next good opportunity for me to develop a relationship was and I decided to take a look at my prospect database history to identify what type of message resonated with my prospect(s). Then I took a look at our marketing communications schedule and the results achieved within the world of social media. When overlaying the graphs, a picture began to develop showing me what was working, how it was working, and most importantly why it was working. The same thought process can, and should, be applied to any sized organizations’ customer feedback.

Take a look at the historical data from your Voice of the Customer program and I bet you find a trend, good or bad, that will give you insight on how to position you, your department, division and corporation for continued market penetration. For example, you will see how your customers are changing in the way they want communications from your organization. What marketing messages resonated with particular customer populations and how did they want to buy your services? Were there particular industry events that your business development and sales organizations had success in developing and securing relationships? Consider using trending in your due diligence during strategy planning to support your findings. It is hard to argue with history.