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Customer Feedback: Add More Accountability and Improve Process Simultaneously

CustomerCount is a flexible, online, customer feedback management solution. We provide intuitive, real-time reporting, ultra fast turnaround on updates, detailed and dynamic data gathering and comprehensive reporting for process improvement and customer loyalty to improve your bottom line.


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Developed initially as a feedback system for a leading international leisure travel industry company, CustomerCount launched in 2007 as an online survey system that captured feedback from this company’s more than three million customers around the globe. Thoroughly tested over a one-year period with subsequent proven, successful implementations, CustomerCount is an online customer experience feedback solution for your company and its needs.

What do we offer you? CustomerCount collects, measures and reports customer feedback through branded, customized online surveys. These surveys are formulated to measure the quality of the customer experience with your organization across three primary touch-points.

While other systems may appear to offer similar solutions, CustomerCount provides what our clients tell us is an unsurpassed product solution at a lower price point. We invite you to learn why. Book a demo today or find out more in our Frequently Asked Questions section.

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