On Site Service Request

It costs about 5 times as much to attract a new customer as it does to keep an existing one.

The Onsite Service Request by CustomerCount puts the power of instant customer service directly into your guest’s hands, allowing you to recieve real-time alerts and meet their needs anywhere and at any time!


  • By scanning a QR code, sending a text or visiting the web, your guest accesses resort-branded, customized service request form and requests service
  • An email alert immediately notifies resort personnel of the guest’s request
  • Your staff respond quickly and your guest is impressed with first-class service!
Onsite Service Request

We’ve created a short video to help you better understand the ease and power of the OnSite Service Request:

With the Onsite Service Request tool, you have immediate access to guest concerns and the opportunity to handle service issues quickly.

Onsite Service Request turns a potential problem into an avenue for improved satisfaction and a more positive image for your property!

“CustomerCount’s On Site Service Request solution provides a convenient way for our guests to quickly and easily tell us what we can do to make their stays more enjoyable. With just a “click of a button” guests can tell us what they need. Real time email alerts notify staff of guest requests so we can take immediate steps to ensure their satisfaction. Our guests appreciate the ease of use and the fact that we want to know of any concerns or needs they have. And we appreciate the ability to respond while they are still on property – further showcasing our commitment to providing a quality guest experience.”

Ann Donahue, Senior Vice President
Resort Operations, Raintree Resorts International

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