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Hospitality Industry

Most professionals in the hospitality industry have the goal of treating guests or strangers in a warm, friendly and generous way. And, if they are not treated that way, the social media platforms will ensure the entire world knows about it.

Whether or not you are asking the guest for feedback, you are being surveyed, right now. Facebook, Twitter, Trip Advisor: all of them are there for the convenience of the guest, and one poorly treated guest has the power to tell a lot of people – quickly.

Be the first to ask them about their experience by ensuring your survey is in your customer’s digital inbox by the time he/she gets home. Ask about every touch point of their experience. Check in to check out. How was the room? How was the service? How were the restaurants? Room service, amenities, you name it and they will tell you. They want to tell you.

The CustomerCount Product Experience module identifies and delivers information that is immediately actionable internally, and with our Problem Resolution report, you can communicate directly with that guest, immediately.

With More than 70 Report Templates CustomerCount Measures Every Guest Touch

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