The average wronged customer will tell 8 to 16 people (about 10 percent will tell more then 20 people).

Sales Experience: Enrollment Compliance


The government crackdown on enrollment tactics and non-compliance issues in the for profit education market place is more aggressive than ever.
Are you looking for a compliance solution for your university, college, or educational institution? CustomerCount can help. We provide a survey solution that will enable you to monitor and ensure compliance. Collect direct feedback from your students, such as:

  • Does the student fully understand the cost of the program?
  • Is the student aware of all of the variables that can cause costs to increase?
  • Do students understand that credits earned are unlikely to transfer to another institution?
  • Does the student understand the University can assist but not guarantee a job or a salary level?
  • Does the student have any concerns about the enrollment process?

Take the mess out of paper applications for graduation by letting CustomerCount administer your applications online. With secure logins for each student and customized reporting we get you the information you need while saving valuable time and money.