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Contact Centers

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Call Center

The role of the contact center in business today is more critical than ever, particularly as it relates to delivering both service and marketing messages. Measuring the attributes of telephone contact with customers is both fundamental and key.

  • Measure the Customer Call Experience
  • Measure your Internal Processes
  • Measure your Improvement
  • Measure Greater Efficiency
  • Reduce Agent Turnover

Contact Center Management requires Quality Control, training, constant process improvement and feedback at every level, including to the agent on the phone. Tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) has long been a basic function. However, tracking those KPI’s with reliance on the agent disposition code only delivers 50% of the information really needed. The rest of the guidance should be based on the customer experience.

Specific Reports for Specific KPI’s

An example of how effective CustomerCount is in providing actionable data is our Management Drill Down Report. This report identifies precise areas of improvement for your agents, and helps both QA and training know exactly who to train and what to train. With 70 + contact center report templates, there is no amount of segmentation on the experience CustomerCount cannot provide.

Standard Reports and Many, Many More

For the Enterprise Center

The point to all enterprise contact centers is to improve the customer experience and ensure customer loyalty. CustomerCount has proven time after time that its robust data capturing and reporting supports your ability to enhance the customer experience.

For the BPO

BPO’s are always competing for business. Because of CustomerCount’s dynamic real time reporting and subsequent ability to ensure accountability, Business Process Outsourcer’s, or Service Agencies, have found CustomerCount to be a huge differentiator in their never ending quest to attract and keep clients.

Direct Contact Center Expertise

CustomerCount was designed, in large part, for the contact center industry.  As one of the principals of CustomerCount is a globally recognized contact center Subject Matter Expert; our clients are assured the best call center practices will be taken into account when we customize your Voice of the Customer feedback system.

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