Full Text Search

It costs about 5 times as much to attract a new customer as it does to keep an existing one.

Full Text Search – A Simpler Solution

A powerful feature of CustomerCount is Full Text Search (FTS) providing the ability to query verbatim response records containing specified key words or phrases.

Using all the functionality of the CustomerCount platform, searches include all the Boolean parameters (AND, OR, NOT, NEAR) to combine multiple search terms along with the use of wildcards, inflectional variations, etc. to index complex queries.

FTS is combined with all other Reporting Filter Criteria such as Date Range, Survey Version, Attributes, Location and others to perform queries against a desired subset of responses.

Further, FTS can be combined with the Score Filter reporting functionality to limit the query to only those responses that otherwise meet the Score Filter criteria.

Full Text Search

Our Full Text Search allows you to seek out
feedback based on keywords and phrases.