91 percent of unhappy customers will never purchase good or services from you again.

CustomerCount provides numerous reporting templates for you to choose from, or we can design reporting formats that best meet your business needs. With CustomerCount, you control reporting formats and who has access to these reports.

  • Online, real-time reporting is available 24/7 via an SSL secure site
  • Reports highlight when respondents score performance below a pre-determined threshold, enabling you to quickly scan reports for performance review purposes
  • Numerous report filters enable you to “slice and dice” respondent data in multiple ways – from an overall snapshot to pinpoint targeting to cross tabulation comparison
  • Report data may be exported into various formats including Excel, .CSV, PDF and HTML
  • Online reporting is accessible from any desktop PC, laptop PC or PDA because CustomerCount is a web-based application
  • Designated reports can be automatically emailed to whomever you designate on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

Email alerts are generated to immediately notify you of pre-determined actionable items based upon respondent feedback.