Design and Branding

The average wronged customer will tell 8 to 16 people (about 10 percent will tell more then 20 people).

Survey Design

Determining which questions to ask and how best to ask them is the basis for ensuring accurate and verifiable feedback. At CustomerCount, we help you determine the length of your survey, the questions and question format to use and the best design for your survey that will maximize return rates.
• Survey content and format is determined by you and built for you – CustomerCount is not an “off the shelf”, cookie-cutter feedback solution
• Support of multiple question types (scale, text, radio button, multiple choice, rank order, NPS etc.) provides ample options to ask questions of your target respondents that will generate the most accurate responses
• CustomerCount can generate surveys in 40+ languages


Device Recognition

With the ever growing popularity of access anywhere, CustomerCount has ability to offer feedback to your recipients via mobile devices. By detecting which device a recipient is using CustomerCount has the ability to display mobile friendly surveys for ease and flexibility.