CustomerCount’s Lisa Kobek Elected to TherAplay Board of Directors

Bob Kobek, Bob Kobek

December 21, 2015 – CustomerCount℠ online enterprise customer feedback management system announces that its Executive VP Lisa Kobek has been named to the Board of Directors of The Children’s TherAplay Foundation, Inc. (TherAplay) effective 2016. Prior to joining CustomerCount, Lisa was Executive Director of TherAplay for nearly four years.

TherAplay is a not for profit outpatient pediatric rehabilitation clinic providing physical and occupational therapy for special needs children. The talented team of licensed therapists incorporate the movement of horses, through an innovative therapy called Hippotherapy, into therapy sessions. Therapy sessions are one-on-one and include treatment time in the child-focused clinic as well as on horseback.

Lisa’s career experience has spanned the for-profit and not-for-profit worlds, with a primary focus in the areas of leadership, client service/donor relations, strategic and tactical planning, process improvement and operations. Her role for CustomerCount is to manage the day to day operations related to the company’s online enterprise customer feedback management system. She also heads up customer service and client relations for the popular survey system.

As a board member of TherAplay, Lisa looks forward to continuing her involvement with the organization. She says “TherAplay and the families it serves have a very special place in my heart. I am honored to serve on its board and have the opportunity to help support its extraordinary mission.”

About CustomerCount
CustomerCount is a feature-rich, cloud based survey solution providing intuitive real-time reporting, fast turnaround on requested updates, and detailed and dynamic data gathering capabilities to support process improvement efforts, build customer loyalty and improve your bottom line. Developed and managed by Mobius Vendor Partners, CustomerCount was initially designed for the timeshare and contact center industries and is now used by organizations across numerous different vertical markets and industries. For more information, visit or call 317-816-6000. Follow them at on Twitter @CustomerCount or

About TherAplay
Founded in 2001, The Children’s TherAplay Foundation, Inc.’s mission is to provide children with special needs a foundation for developing life skills through innovative therapies in a safe and caring environment, including equine-assisted physical and occupational therapies. Located in Carmel, Indiana, TherAplay is privileged to serve more than 100 children ages 18 months to 13 years each week. For more information, visit

CustomerCount Express Permission Solution Makes FCC Compliance Easy

Bob Kobek, Bob Kobek

CustomerCountSM  Express Permission Solution Makes FCC Compliance Easy

Uses Legal “Opt-In” Language Required by Government

INDIANAPOLIS (September 9, 2015) –CustomerCount℠ online enterprise customer feedback management system has added another feature to its popular customer engagement software systems. The CustomerCount Express Permission uses the proven CustomerCount online stable platform to reach out to existing customers to gain their express permission to call, satisfying the TCPA requirements.

New FCC Declaratory rulings make calling customers increasingly difficult.  Millions of dollars in fines are being levied by the FTC and the FCC forcing contact centers to gain “express consent” to use any type of auto dialer equipment.

According to Bob Kobek, President of Mobius Vendor Partners creator of CustomerCount “fines are now up to $16,000 per incident and contact centers are losing all control over contacting their existing customers.  Many of these companies are being forced back into manually dialing their customer lists, or not contacting them at all.”

The solution, which employs all the legalese necessary to make it official, can be used to call both land and cell phone lines as well as those customers who have placed their name on national and state Do Not Call registry.  “We use the same ‘Opt-In’ language required by the FCC and provided to us by our attorneys.  Given the robust nature of our 24/7 reporting capabilities, the Express Permission solution provides a strong defense against those ‘serial litigators’ who sit and wait for the phone to ring and then start class action suits.”

He explains that the CustomerCount system is simple to design, launch and maintain.  “We do all the heavy lifting.  Compared to the cost of not contacting existing customers and the potential fines that can incur make the costs of the CustomerCount Express Permission solution implementation is very inexpensive.”

Originally developed for the timeshare industry, CustomerCount Enterprise Feedback Management system collects and measures customer feedback through branded, customized surveys formulated to measure the quality of the entire customer experience by tracking and reporting on all Key Performance Indicators from sales and contact center experiences as well as product experience. Its flexibility to gain input from customers for any “touch point” is one element of its strength.

“Since we integrated the technology to make CustomerCount compatible with smartphones and tablets, the evolution to Express Permission Technology was a natural development,” said Kobek.

Mobius Vendor Partners,   an Indianapolis-based company that provides business process design, management and performance improvement services to companies, associations and non-profit organizations developed the system for a major client and now makes the platform and services available to companies throughout the world in over 30 languages.

Kobek says he will be demonstrating the recent updates to the CustomerCount system, including both the Opt-In software capabilities at various industry conferences including CRDA, PACE, TBMA and ARDA Fall Conference in Washington, DC in mid-November.

“Of course we give online demonstrations, but nothing beats a face-to-face meeting to understand the full value of all the bells and whistles of our user-friendly system.”

For a demo of CustomerCount Express Permission cut and paste in your browser:


CustomerCount is a feature-rich, cloud based survey solution providing intuitive real-time reporting, fast turnaround on updates, and detailed and dynamic data gathering for process improvement and customer loyalty to improve your bottom line. It was created and is still managed by Mobius Vendor Partners, formed in 1999 as a firm focused on business process design and management

For more information on CustomerCount, visit or call 317-816-6000


Contact:  Georgi Bohrod, RRP (Media)
Robert Kobek, RRP (MVP)

CustomerCount® Partners with Sun Hospitality Resort Services

Bob Kobek, Bob Kobek

Will Design and Implement Survey to Measure Employee Satisfaction

INDIANAPOLIS, IN July 14, 2015 – CustomerCount® the online enterprise customer feedback system, is set to design and implement an Employee Satisfaction Survey for Sun Hospitality Resort Services, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Sun Hospitality is a provider of housekeeping services to vacation resort properties throughout the central and eastern region of the U.S. The company plans to use the information gathered from the survey to identify and develop strategies to maintain and increase employee loyalty and in turn, capture more customer loyalty.
Current research shows a strong correlation between highly engaged employees and customer loyalty, and Sun Hospitality’s business policy aligns with this belief. The company will use CustomerCount’s® intuitive customer feedback system to collect, measure and report employee feedback. Survey feedback combined with research, will be used to implement the best possible employee engagement for the best employee/customer connection.
According to David Fries, President and Chief Operating Officer, “Sun believes that a spirit of cooperation and a strong sense of accountability among employees provides a positive vacation experience for resort owners and guests. Our use of the CustomerCount system will keep us in touch with our employees who are located in various geographical areas.”
CustomerCount’s® branded, customized online surveys can be adapted to measure any universe from customers and prospects to members and employees. Through the use of innovative, technological architecture, CustomerCount® provides clients with ongoing customized updates to survey content. Report formats and other features are easily and quickly accommodated. Clients can view their data on most any handheld electronic device so data is easily accessible wherever the client may be.

About Sun Hospitality Resort Services
Sun Hospitality Resort Services is a turn-key housekeeping services provider located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The company provides services specific to the needs and conditions of vacation resort properties, offering a complete range of services to meet the housekeeping needs of any vacation resort.
Sun Hospitality is committed to delivering professional and personal accountability while directing the most effect resort services offered in the industry. Visit

About CustomerCount®
Robert Kobek, President of Mobius VP, LLC, developed CustomerCount®, an enterprise customer feedback system, as a flexible system providing intuitive real time reporting, fast turnaround on updates, and detailed and dynamic data gathering. The comprehensive reporting is used for process and improvement and customer loyalty to improve the bottom line. The system is the only feedback system designed specifically for the leisure travel industry. The system customizes survey questions to address any issue and incorporates current statistics and trends from the latest industry research. Visit

Contact: Robert Kobek 317-816-6000
Media Contact: Georgi Bohrod 619-255-1661

What’s 15 Years?

Bob Kobek, Bob Kobek

In the great scheme of things, 15 years is not a lot.  At 15 years old you can’t drive, drink, or do much else for that matter. But in the business world where things can change overnight – companies fold, leadership changes, and world changing products and services emerge, it can seem like an eternity.  With that in mind, let’s take a look back 15 years ago today, November 22, 1999.

On that winter-time Sunday,

  • President Clinton said he would shop online for some Christmas gifts for the first time and believes electronic commerce will benefit consumers and the economy if used with care and caution.

  • Donald Trump is a guest on “Hardball” and said he would run for president only if it were certain he could win.

  • The Nasdaq composite rose 27.31 points for another record – to 3,447.81

  • Crude oil prices top $27 a barrel for the first time since the 1991 Persian Gulf War.

  • and have merged to form the best computer store on the web!

  • Mobius VP, LLC was formed

15 years later, that day’s events appear humorous and even unbelievable based on what has followed.  However, today I am preoccupied with the last item on the list.  With the formation of Mobius Vendor Partners (MVP), a process began that saw a company morph several times into what it is today – the proud parent of CustomerCount™ online feedback management system

For a startup business with no funding to make it through 15 years seems noteworthy – especially during a period of time that saw a tumultuous economic climate.  But honestly, without the hundreds of friends, fans, and yes, even detractors that have helped touch this business, it would feel less significant.

Built on both successes and failures, the resilience of Mobius is driven in large part by an article published in 1975 in the Harvard Business Review. Titled “Marketing Myopia” by Theodore Levitt, the article argues that every industry that was once a growth industry riding a wave of enthusiasm, is also simultaneously in the shadow of decline. The same can be said of businesses large and small.

MVP started out as a business process design and management consulting firm. One of the prime directives was, and is, to remain flexible. And flexible we have been.  To name just a few of our efforts; we have managed a global trade association, helped build or grow contact centers, started and managed an online buying service for a major political party, and even turned the training department of a global insurance company on its head and re-engineered the entire group and processes (all without losing one trainer). The successes have been many and as I write this, humbling at the same time.

Now, 15 years later on November 22, 2014, our experience focusing on process has made CustomerCount, our Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) system, even better than we could have imagined.  But more than that, it has been the input of our clients that has helped our business to continue to thrive.

I want to give my heartfelt thanks to all of you that have given us the chance to help shape your businesses, and have touched and improved ours along the way. It’s never easy but this day, November 22, 2014, is a very happy day indeed.

The 3 Biggest Reasons Customer Satisfaction Surveys Fail and How to Fix Them (Part 3)

Bob Kobek, Bob Kobek

In this continuing series, we examine the 3rd most common reason surveys fail. You can find part 1 and part 2 of the series here.  For your benefit, we have added the intro from the first blog below.

Customer satisfaction surveys don’t always work.  Perhaps you have firsthand experience with a survey failing and looking back, still don’t know why.  But rest assured, you are not alone.  We run into many people that have done surveys before and been unsatisfied with their results.  They feel like they did all of the right things.  Many have:

  • Spent a ton of time crafting specific questions based on what they wanted to know about their clients/prospects.
    • They may have searched Google to find ‘expert’ survey questions.
    • They may have used a research firm or consultant to help them create their questions.
  • Used cutting edge technology to create and send the survey.

But something was obviously missing because after the survey results came back, they were left feeling like all of their effort/time/resources were wasted.  What happened?

In our experience, there are 3 major reasons surveys fail.  Typically the sender:

  • Didn’t have a significant number of people respond.
  • Had people respond but didn’t get the information they hoped for.
  • Received great data but didn’t know how to create actionable steps from it.

With each of these issues, there are many variables that could have caused their survey to fail.  Today, we will pull back the curtain on some of the most common.

Reason 3 – Received Great Data, Now What?

I think this reason surveys fail is the most frustrating of all.  The person putting together the survey seemingly did everything right – she crafted both a great subject line and email content that engaged  email recipients enough to take action, and she created meaningful questions that the survey taker was willing to answer.  But now – she is stuck.  Why?  Because, as with many who create surveys, this is the first time she has all of this disparate data in front of her and it is overwhelming.  Whether the results are positive or negative, the marketer has to think of how it translates not only into actionable next steps but also how to speak to her survey recipients going forward based on the results.  In other words – it is hard.

But it is only difficult because the survey creator forgot to set up these next steps at the same time as the survey questions.  Going into any new survey project with a goal/goals for the outcome is essential to measure its success.  With a first survey, a company’s goal may simply be to receive baseline customer satisfaction results that they can begin working internally to improve.  A different company’s goal may be that they wanted to take a survey to get a better feel for what their clients’ demographics are.  A company’s goal could be one of many things, but it is ALWAYS specific to the company sending the survey.

With a goal in mind, the nitty gritty details don’t seem quite so overwhelming.  Our clients find that the custom reports included within the CustomerCount® system are able to help them understand survey data without hiring a data scientist.  How?  Because our reports are role-based and show the information that the person logging into the system is looking for.  As an example, a manager of a call center may want to see how all of his people are doing in one report while the call center representative just wants to see his own metrics.  Both have the same idea – they want to take actionable next steps, but by making the data specific to the person logging in, he/she doesn’t have to weed through the details of things that are too broad or too specific to take action.

Have you ever had a bad experience sending out a survey?

If nothing else, we hope this blog shows you that the problems you faced were things we have heard before at CustomerCount.  Thankfully, they are all things that can be solved by simply having a plan in place and the technology to execute it well.  If you have questions or would like to learn more about CustomerCount, please reach out today by calling us at 317-816-6000 or by contacting us now.