WRAP Spotlight on Howard Bendell

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WRAP Spotlight on Howard Bendell

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By Georgi Bohrod/RRP WRAP Partner
Principal/GBG & Associates

When CustomerCount launched WRAP (Worldwide Research Analytics Program), the first member of the coalition to join with Mobius Vendor Partner (MVP) Associates was Howard Bendell, RRP.

CustomerCount’s cloud-based customer feedback management system teamed with Howard to provide in depth qualitative analysis to complement the robust quantitative reports of the data captured within CustomerCount’s consumer feedback platform.

With more than a quarter century of vacation ownership and real estate focused experience, Bendell is actively involved in the development and implementation of key strategic initiatives, new programs and products, and manages industry and consumer-based research efforts.

Highly regarded in the timeshare/hospitality industry for his work with KPMG, AMEX, Interval International and Laventhol & Horwath, Howard has all the credentials and expertise necessary for this brilliantly informed view of data and text analytics. The WRAP reports present the information necessary to formulate conclusions and offer strategic recommendations regarding intelligent, tactical, and appropriate responses.

Howard Bendell CustomerCount WRAP Program
Howard Bendell, WRAP member

About CustomerCount and WRAP

CustomerCount’s product is well designed and powerful, delivering essential data to clients throughout the life of the member/owner. Howard’s WRAP insights build on this information interpreting the data and putting it into context qualitatively.

The WRAP coalition is a key group of industry professionals organized by CustomerCount’s creator, Bob Kobek, to continue enhancing the basic website survey tool which measures NPS (Net Promoter Score) and the customer experience. Each of my fellow WRAP constituents is available through CustomerCount to continue to bring expanded services to participating CustomerCount survey clients.

I’m proud to be a part of this group along with Howard Bendell RRP (Qualitative Analysis), Emily Collins, EVC Marketing (Digital Marketing), John Locher RRP, Locher & Associates (Membership/Ownership Engagement/Business Development) and Carlos Marchi SMEI, CME, CECP, EVP Mexico and Latin America, CustomerCount (Contact Center Compliance).

CustomerCount teams with Noble Systems

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Noble Agent Gamification Solution Integrated Into CustomerCount’s Enterprise Feedback System

CustomerCount has teamed with Noble Systems, the global leader in omnichannel contact center technologies, to launch yet another enhancement to CustomerCount’s enterprise customer feedback system. The new addition to CustomerCount’s capabilities is the integration of Noble Gamification software.

Noble Gamification solutions increase productivity, reduce employee turnover, and improve customer satisfaction. Noble Systems provides innovative solutions for Contact Center, Workforce Engagement, and Analytics. CustomerCount provides the measurement of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s); when the two are measured together the insight from the customer becomes the centerpiece of a companywide reward and recognition program.

Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts. It can also be defined as a set of activities and processes to solve problems by using or applying the characteristics of game elements.  Noble’s Gamification solution, Frost & Sullivan’s recipient of the 2018 Customer Value Leadership Award for Workforce Engagement Management Gamification Solutions, may be leveraged with a complete set of contact center, workforce engagement, and analytics technologies.

Noble Systems Gamification

According to Robert Kobek, RRP, CustomerCount’s president said, “Gamification in business really took off in the contact center environment and Noble Systems has been on the forefront of its development.  CustomerCount’s technology and Noble Gamification tools are an excellent fit.  Working together they provide an immediate impact on team motivation and strategy, making the most of every customer interaction.”

For employees, motivation impacts everything.  Motivated employees deeply impact efficiency, cost and overall expense.  Integrated with CustomerCount’s Enterprise Feedback Solution, CustomerCount’s clients now have the opportunity  to further increase productivity and financial performance.

Noble’s SVP Sales and Marketing Chris Hodges says “Organizations are now able to leverage insightful customer feedback and gamification.  Pairing CustomerCount’s intelligent Voice of the Customer (VOC) platform with the Noble Gamification solution creates a direct integration to provide organizations with the ability to leverage game mechanics across all employees and across all customer interactions.  Every interaction now becomes an opportunity to grow employees and create a customer experience that will surely escalate customer evangelism, resulting in more holistic purchases and greater lifetime value.”

Kobek adds, “Our goal is to ensure that our clients have what they need to make successful business decisions and increase productivity.  With the addition of Noble’s innovative solutions for Employee Engagement we’ve stepped up our offerings in yet another way by enhancing that unique interaction between agent and customer.”

About Noble Systems

Noble Systems Corporation is a global leader in the customer communications industry, providing innovative solutions for Contact Center, Workforce Engagement, and Analytics technologies. Tens of thousands of agents at client installations worldwide use Noble platforms to manage millions of customer contacts each day.

Noble offers a unified suite of inbound, outbound and blended omnichannel communications, strategy planning, resource management, and compliance tools for companies of all sizes. Our premise, cloud, and innovative premise/cloud hybrid platforms include ACD, predictive dialing, blended processing, recording and monitoring, IVR, messaging, interaction analytics, process automation, workforce management, and gamification. With a portfolio of 190+ patents and growing, Noble leads the way in pioneering solutions for the contact center market. For more information, contact Lee Allum at 1.888.8NOBLE8 or visit www.noblesystems.com.

WRAP Spotlight on Carlos Marchi

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By Georgi Bohrod, RRP    

WRAP Partner & Principal at GBG & Associates  

What is WRAP?

Last summer, CustomerCount launched WRAP (Worldwide Research Analytics Program), a detailed qualitative analysis program combining touch-point sentiment and accuracy with industry expertise and insights.

CustomerCount’s WRAP is tailored to address client’s strategic and tactical priorities, particularly those derived from feedback and surveys.

The new subscription-based service takes customer feedback to a new level, offering the expertise necessary to formulate conclusions and offer operationally based recommendations oriented to improve service efficiencies and drive profitability.

By offering optional reporting enhancements that reveal deep insights into customer attitudes and sentiments, while identifying areas for process and service improvement, WRAP is intended to look beyond the numbers generated by CustomerCount’s customer experience surveys.

The latest iteration of the WRAP program is the addition of a strong coalition of Mobius Vendor Partner (MVP) Associates, each of whom brings valuable professional expertise to create comprehensive resources to support each other and their clients. 

Although not formally aligned, the allied professionals are colleagues who joined together to promote CustomerCount online surveys and provide solutions to issues which may surface in the information gathered 24/7/365 by the powerful feedback enterprise system.

I’m proud to be a part of this group along with Howard Bendell RRP (Qualitative Analysis)

Emily Collins, EVC Marketing (Digital Marketing), John Locher RRP, Locher & Associates (Membership/Ownership Engagement/Business Development) and Carlos Marchi SMEI, CME, CECP, EVP Mexico and Latin America, CustomerCount (Contact Center Compliance).


Who is Carlos Marchi?

As CustomerCount is a proud sponsor of AMDETUR (held in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico  May  21-23 2019), I thought it might be good to share some background on CustomerCount’s EVP of Mexico and Latin America—Carlos Marchi.

A resident of Puerto Rico, Carlos Marchi was once a client of CustomerCount.  He has decades of experience with call centers, customer engagement and marketing. Moreover, he has an in-depth knowledge and appreciation of the value of the CustomerCount online survey system’s multi-language feedback system.

Since Carlos came on board in 2017, he’s been spreading the word to the hospitality industry in the Caribbean, Mexico and South America of the CustomerCount feedback system.  Because of its flexibility, Carlos has also been able to introduce the important customer engagement tool to other industries outside of hospitality.

If you are in business south of the border, Carlos Marchi can help you zero in on the voice of your customers.

AMDETUR is using CustomerCount’s survey platform to poll its members and attendees during the conference for the Mexican Association of Tourism Developers.  The results will call attention to what worked, what was popular, what was learned and on the other side, items that need to be improved upon.   

For further information about CustomerCount and to arrange a demonstration in Spanish, visit the website. Alternatively, contact Carlos Marchi directly on: +1 787-602-0998.

A Spanish version of this article can be viewed and downloaded here:

CustomerCount to sponsor AMDETUR convention 2019

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CustomerCount has joined the distinguished group of tourism, hospitality and resort timesharing companies sponsoring the AMDETUR convention May 21-23 at the Mazatlán International Center, Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico.

AMDETUR (The Mexican Association of Tourism Developers) has been instrumental in promoting a common front focusing on defining an appropriate regulatory framework to allow the growth of the Mexican real estate tourism industry.

This will be the third year that CustomerCount is the official event feedback system for the convention. Attendees will be given several opportunities to provide their opinions on the entire experience from beginning to end. 

According to Carlos Marchi, CustomerCount’s Executive Vice President of Sales for Mexico and Latin America: “AMDETUR attendees come from Mexico, North America, the Caribbean and Latin America.  Since the feedback system is fluent in 40 languages, it is extremely advantageous in gathering information and  reporting back to the convention  management team.”

Robert Kobek, President of CustomerCount said “CustomerCount’s presence in Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America is in growth mode.  We are glad to support the work of AMDETUR by sponsoring a breakfast and are pleased to have the opportunity to introduce our survey system along with all of its recent upgrades and enhancements to attendees at this event.”



The Mexican Resort Developers’ Association (AMDETUR) is a tourism industry organization that acts as a liaison between federal, state, and municipal authorities and private enterprise in the timeshare and vacation ownership sector, a part of the tourism industry that has seen a steady growth of 4% a year since 2009.

AMDETUR works for the defense of common interests of its members, by promoting capital investment in growing tourism in Mexico, serving as a consultation body for government authorities, collaborating with public agencies and private enterprise in promoting training program and creating channels of communication for the purpose of unifying and harmonizing criteria for private sector participation.

The Mexican Resort Developers’ Association (AMDETUR) was founded on July 13, 1987 (30 years ago) and represents 90% of resort developers in investors in the Mexican Timeshare and Vacation Ownership industry.

These include exchange companies, investors, sellers, operators, real-estate brokers, law firms and consultants.  It has a nationwide presence through local chapters in Mazatlán, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta-Riviera Nayarit, Manzanillo, Acapulco, Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Cancun-Mayan Riviera, and Cozumel.

A Spanish version of this press release is available here:

10 things I learned at the C.A.R.E. Conference

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By Bob Kobek, RRP
President, CustomerCount

I had the pleasure of attending the Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers (C.A.R.E.) conference this week in my hometown of Indianapolis. In addition to enjoying informative and entertaining keynote speeches and social events, I was delighted to moderate an important panel discussion,” Compliance in the Year of Class Action Litigators.”

This was the organization’s 67th conference and I came away with 10 distinct impressions:

  1. The members that attended are serious about their businesses
  2. The members are successful at what they do
  3. The members are very hard-working professionals
  4. The members will conduct business “on the spot”
  5. Some members drink a lot of spirits
  6. The members are very welcoming – not at all “cliquish”
  7. It was a very informative event – speakers and panels were excellent
  8. Some members spend time in bars
  9. The association stays true to its charter – effectively, sharing inventory
  10. Most of all – I felt very welcomed

I will go to the next one!

One of the highlights of the conference is awards night and the presentation of the C.A.R.E. Pinnacle award. This award is unique in that its recipient is nominated by the C.A.R.E. membership. The winner must demonstrate their commitment to the community through philanthropic activities and possess characteristics of leadership, integrity, quality standards and ethics.

I was proud to be nominated this year, but our congratulations go to the deserving recipient, Kris Gunn, of Gunn Marketing. You can view her very gracious acceptance speech on the C.A.R.E. Facebook page.

My thanks go to C.A.R.E. president, Linda Mayhugh, for her leadership.

Bob Kobek moderating the panel on “Compliance in the Year of Class Action Litigators”

About C.A.R.E.

C.A.R.E. (Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers) is a trade association established in 1985. It was formed by representatives of timeshare resorts who found that by exchanging vacation inventory among themselves, they were better able to satisfy their owners with increased vacation opportunities. Today, member companies are also able to utilize inventory and generate revenue through wholesale rentals, while continuing to offer expanded exchange and fulfillment options.