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Every few seconds, a CustomerCount customer satisfaction survey is being submitted. With our advanced metrics, up-to-date analytics, and customizable reports, you can hear and act on it all.  



 Customer Surveys Deployed 


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Customer Surveys Deployed

How can YOUR business use CustomerCount?

CustomerCount - Sales Experience

Sales Experience

Monitor feedback from customers about their sales experience. Get real-time, immediate access to your customers’ feedback with CustomerCount – feedback that may be tracked to the individual representative level.
CustomerCount - Contact Experience

Contact Experience

Capture feedback about your customer service interactions. Address potential customer service issues before they become significant “problems” and you could save significant money on your sales process.
CustomerCount - Product Experience

Product Experience

Capture valuable customer feedback prior to your product launch. When planning product improvements or changes, use CustomerCount to run ideas past your customers before implementing.

Leading CEM Service Provider

CustomerCount included in the 2020 CIOReview listing of 20 most promising companies at the forefront of providing Customer Experience Management (CEM) Solutions.

A Feature-Rich, Cloud Based Survey Solution

Tested. Proven. Reliable. Since 2007.

CustomerCount - Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Net Promoter Score (NPS) to predict revenue

By employing the use of two questions, we can quantify just how loyal your customers are and identify which customers are in danger of leaving you. Let CustomerCount take the guess work out of customer loyalty and provide you with actionable information to use on a daily basis.

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CustomerCount - Responsive Design & Device Recognition

Responsive Design & Device Recognition

With nearly 50% of all surveys now being done on a mobile device, this more crucial than ever! Utilize CustomerCount and analyze your customer feedback and reports from any device and any screen size.

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CustomerCount - Full Text Search

Full Text Search

Drill down to find exactly what you’re looking for with Full Text Search across all customer survey results.

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CustomerCount - On Site Service Request

On Site Service Request

Address issues as they happen, while customers are still on site, with filters designed to highlight and alert you to constructive customer feedback as well as needs.

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CustomerCount Partners

News and Insights

CEP Award Finalist Focus on Roger Bennett

CEP Award Finalist Focus on Roger Bennett

By Georgi Bohrod, RRP - Reprinted from Resort Trades magazine, with permission After the judges reviewed the nominations for the Fourth Annual CustomerCount® Customer Engagement Professional Resort Trades Award (CEP Award), they were faced with an enviable dilemma. ...

Town Hall considers customer satisfaction & engagement

Town Hall considers customer satisfaction & engagement

On Thursday, August 13, Resort Trades magazine is hosting the third interactive town hall. The focus of this event is to assist resort operators to maintain communications with owners to increase customer satisfaction and engagement. A registration form for the free...

Upcoming Events

The Resort Trades Third Virtual Town Hall

Customer Research & Communications – August 13, 1 pm EST


Join Lisa Kobek from CustomerCount as she covers the benefits and importance of engaging your owners in communication. Obtaining customer feedback can help a resort team strategize ways to make improvements, as well as helping assess areas of success that can be amplified. The process, done correctly, obviously requires a much more advanced set of skill and competence than initially meets the eye. Kobek will help you see why there’s much more to it than simply throwing out a DIY survey to measure the customer experience (CX).

During the live, interactive session, Lisa will cover a general list of best practices including using surveys as communication tools to engage owners, things to think about when developing questions, and compliance with government rules and regulations. Plus, there are a number of points she will cover what to consider when choosing a delivery method.

The discussion is brought to you by The Contact Group and sponsored by CustomerCount

Client Feedback

“The call center subject matter expertise at CustomerCount weighed very heavily on our decision to use the online enterprise management feedback system. We are also very pleased with the after sales service. Most companies state the high level of service, the team at CustomerCount delivers it on a regular basis.”

Toastmasters International

“CustomerCount’s smart, effective, attentive and generous nature has allowed us to produce a number of integrated solutions and precise metrics to better serve our clients. After all, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. So far so good, after six years and counting.”

Federico Beyer

Corporate Special Events Manager, Royal Resorts

“CustomerCount developed the online feedback system with a thorough knowledge of timesharing and its various components. We can follow up post timeshare stays and tours to zone in on positives and negatives that allow us to make the sales experience better and create great vacations for our guests.”

Breckenridge Grand Vacations

“CustomerCount has allowed our organization to excel in not only receiving customer feedback but applying that feedback for the betterment of the customer experience with Breckenridge Grand Vacations. It is a versatile product with robust analytics and reporting.”

Rick Tramontana

Director of Owner Relations, Breckenridge Grand Vacations

Our History


Founded in 1999

Mobius Vendor Partners (MVP) designed, built and manages the online feedback system – CustomerCount. Founded in 1999, MVP is a business process design, management and performance improvement company with personnel committed to excellence in assessment and deployment.



Automated RCI Comment Card



Created CustomerCount



In 2009, MVP initially developed CustomerCount for one of its clients – a leading international leisure travel industry company. The online survey solution captured feedback from this company’s more than three million customers around the globe. Today, this company continues to utilize CustomerCount as its online feedback solution.



Device Recognition



40 Language Milestone

NPS System Design



CRM/Salesforce Integration



TripAdvisor Distributor



Full API Capabilities
Text Analytics
Enhanced Dashboard



Updated Security Protocols to meet SOC II Compliance

Data Management to MS Azure



ADA Accessibility Compliance
GDPR Compliance



Celebrating 20 Years of Business

IUPUI/Purdue School of Science Partnership
SMS Capable
Text Analytics V2 with Keatext
W.R.A.P. launched



Named by CIO Review in its annual listing of 20 companies at the forefront of providing Customer Experience Management Solutions. Want to find out how you can be part of the future of customer feedback management? Book a Demo or Contact Us.

To qualify you should comply

Today’s consumers and regulators demand systems that comply with privacy and security regulations aimed at protecting customer data and supporting those with disabilities. Are you sure you’re compliant?

ADA Compliance - CustomerCount

ADA Compliance isn’t Just Important. It’s Mandatory.

Websites and social media have long been able to avoid ADA compliance, but those who continue to do so are in peril.

With CustomerCount surveys, you can rest easy knowing that all surveys we send are 100% ADA compliant and can reach the widest possible audience.

CustomerCount - Security

Are You Thinking About Security?

Record fines have been levied against companies in the past few years as thieves have breached institutional data houses with startling efficiency. Often these breaches occur because of small security oversights, ones easily avoided.

Ask us about our SOC 2 Readiness report which can help you get your company on the right track.

Ready To Join The Club?

CustomerCount has launched a LinkedIn Collaboration group designed to maximize shared knowledge, best practice and encourage growth conversations across clients, partners and selected individual and businesses.

Want to be involved?

This group is invitation only. To receive your invitation contact Bob Kobek bobkobek@mobiusvp.com

Alternatively, follow our LinkedIn corporate page for all the latest news and information from CustomerCount.

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