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On Site – Universal Access

By Robert Kobek, RRP – bobkobek@CustomerCount.com

Being accessible to your customers has a significant impact on your profit. In recent blogs, I’ve talked about the importance of ease of access to your business with direct contact through internet and phone. The way you make use of them impact your credibility and your profit. Accessibility is not just the ease of which your customers can contact you, but it also means Universal Access, ease of access to your property’s facilities for all customers. Your ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessibilities must be up to standard and your website W3C/ADA accessible and compliant.

Does Your Resort Meet the Standards?

Among other things, the ADA ensures that access to the built environment is accessible to all people with disabilities. The ADA Standards establish design requirements for the construction and alteration of facilities subject to the law. How many times did a guest not stay at your resort because your ADA accessibility standards were not up to par? Carol Pezzarossi, PhD and regular vacation traveler says, “Universal Access is one of the top reasons people with disabilities select where they are going to vacation.”
And, she points out, “retrofitting your buildings is significantly more expensive than doing it right the first time.”

An Untapped Market

People with disabilities, physical or mental, that affect one or more major life activities, such as walking, bathing, dressing, eating, preparing meals, going outside the home, or doing housework, represent 19 percent of the civilian non-institutionalized population. (U.S. Census Bureau News, Profile America Facts for Features: CB15-FF.10). This is one huge market—mostly untapped and created by the government. Whether you like it or not, you must comply. By complying, you are more accessible; thereby more credible; and thereby more profitable.

Contact me in you would like more information on how to measure your accessibility standards.


5 Reasons to Attend ARDA World

Bob Kobek, Bob Kobek

ARDA’S largest and most inspirational annual event, ARDA World 2019, is April 7-11 in Orlando, Florida. Members of the resort community come together to be inspired and educated by the experts, mix and mingle with colleagues, and to honor the best in our industry. This major event is a “must attend” for all of us in the industry and here are my top 5 reasons why:

1 Comprehensive Information on Industry Trends and Innovations

Undoubtedly you’re doing your homework online by accessing industry webinars, scouting websites, and subscribing to professional industry information, but there is nothing quite like getting your information up close and personal.

ARDA World educational sessions feature the top industry experts and speakers to give us the latest industry news, generate industry excitement, and provide that personal connection. It’s the perfect opportunity to gain knowledge to improve and grow your business.

2 Opportunities to Network

With the many events and parties scheduled throughout ARDA World, you’ll find endless opportunities to network with your clients and peers. Some of them you may not see face-to-face very often and this is your chance to get to know them better and find out what they are doing, share your company’s innovations, discover what your clients are hearing from your competitors, and meet new prospects. The knowledge you gain will help to improve and grow your business.

3 Meet Industry Vendors and Suppliers

Just like you, vendors and suppliers are at conferences to make connections with new and existing clients and also educate them on their latest innovations.

Find out about the latest innovations at ARDA’s Lion’s Den where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas and then you vote on your favorite one. You may find a new idea for your business.

4 Honor Your Colleagues

ARDA’s Awards Gala is a highlight of the convention. Celebrate your colleagues and friends for their achievements. Being honored by your industry peers is one of the finest experiences. If it’s not you this time, there’s always next year.

5 Have Fun

Yes, you will want to do all of the above, but this convention is not just about work, it’s also about fun. There’s plenty of opportunities for socializing and getting to know your peers in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Along with the educational and networking aspects – the parties, happy hours, and entertainment inspire new friendships, respect for your industry, and renewed inspiration. See you there!

Lets get together!

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Listen Up! You can actually hear them.

Bob Kobek, Bob Kobek


How the voice of the customer can help you improve business processes, compliance and overall customer experience at your call center

By Carlos A. Marchi-Cuevas, CECP, CME

I have dedicated my entire sales & marketing career to one thing: Customers. Half of it designing strategies and tactics on how to segment and get to them. The other half at the BPO customer engagement side. Understanding Customer Engagement preferences and optimizing ways on how brands interact with them while in compliance with ever evolving government regulations.

With no intention to get technical, during the last decades we have all witnessed how marketing buzzwords and engagement technologies have evolved (and come and go):

 Segmentation
 Multi-Channel
 Audiences
 Multi-Media
 Data-Driven
 Customer-Centric
 Direct-Response
 Database
 Measurable Media
 Customer intelligence
 Programmatic Media
 Omni-Channel

We have also seen companies from all industries invest incredible amounts of time and resources to design complex, hard to explain models to help them get closer to customers than its competitors, even their customers ask themselves: “Why in the world did they do that?”.

The real question is how many of them are really listening to their customers?

It might seem like an obvious question, but it is not. You may be surprised how many companies still rely on “snapshot type” surveys once a quarter (if lucky), to get some idea about what their customers have to say. There are companies today that their customer engagement units lack formal procedures on how to process customers positive and/or negative feedback arising from a sales or customer service contact.
Many years ago (when I was younger and had more hair),

I had a mentor that–whenever we were either designing a marketing, customer-engagement or customer experience strategy– he would often say: “When in doubt, ask your customers. They will give you the answer.” Boy, was he right? You bet he was. He taught us the importance and value of customer feedback. But not just any type of feedback, continuous feedback, the type found in solutions like CustomerCount.

When you formally allow your prospects and customers to provide feedback, not only they will tell you what they want and don’t want, but they will also provide you with tons of ideas for free! In this respect, what could be better to design your engagement protocols than direct input from the audiences being served? Seems logical, right?

Companies that have decided to walk down this path not only have been able to gather valuable insights from their multiple audiences, but they have also learned from direct feedback how to benefit from more cost-effective customer interaction channels based on individual preferences. Most importantly they have seen a measurable increase in their overall NPS (Net Promoter Score) scores.

“The only path to profitable growth may lie in a company’s ability to get its loyal customers to become, in effect, its marketing department.” – Fred Reichheld
Benefits of implementing of implementing continuous feedback voice of the customer programs have numerous benefits;
Precise understanding of customers’ needs and wants

Enhanced problem resolution
 Growth in customer experience indexes and overall loyalty
 Identification of sales/service staff training opportunities
 Insights for product development
 Simplified regulatory compliance as customers authorize new engagement channels
 Increase in employee satisfaction as they can serve customers better

It should not come as a surprise for any of us that all Fortune 500 companies have simple, yet robust continuous customer feedback programs where their customers become important stakeholders in the business strategy development. They understand the ultimate benefits of allowing customers to share their thoughts on their brands, products and services.

Remember that Customers are always saying something about your brand. Are you listening?

Talk to me at Carlosmarchi@customercount.com

Every day is International Client’s Day. A day designed specifically for business to say thank you.

Bob Kobek, Bob Kobek

At CustomerCount®, Every day is International Client’s Day. A day designed specifically for business to say thank you. A day dedicated to clients – arguably, the most valuable part of any organization.

This year, March 19th was International Clients Day.

A wise man once said, “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” And he is correct, of course. Keep your employees happy and that happiness will be passed on to your customers.

But International Client’s Day should make all of us take look at ourselves, our business practices and ask some key questions.

Are our customer policies really as client friendly as they could be? Do we give our clients the very best experience every day? Are our activities based on what’s best for us as a business, or what is best for the customer? How loyal are our clients? Can we do better?

Of course, the best way to find out is with a customer survey. At CustomerCount, we agree the Net Promoter Score (NPS) is still one of the best universal indicators of client loyalty, happiness and satisfaction.

By employing just two simple questions, CustomerCount can quantify how loyal your customers are and identify which customers are in danger of leaving you.

Not only does the NPS survey recognize customers (detractors and passives) who require further follow up and support, it’s a great way to acknowledge your promoters, thank them and build on their loyalty and positivity about your brand.

A poor NPS score could also just be the motivator an organization needs to improve the products and services they offer consumers.

The NPS survey is quick and simple to set up on CustomerCount’s cloud-based platform and the results are easy to understand. CustomerCount takes the guesswork out of customer loyalty and provide you with actionable information to use on a daily basis.

And, we have additional professional assistance on hand through our WRAP program partners (Worldwide Research Analytics Program) (link to WRAP), a group of independent minds and businesses brought together by Bob Kobek and CustomerCount.

So, if you want to take your data analysis to the next level or if your NPS results have flagged up issues affecting your resort’s online reputation. We have skilled specialists to provide industry-specific observations, strategies and advice.

But why not do your business a favor and find out what your clients really think – then improve your processes, focus on your clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.


To set up your Net Promotor Score survey in a matter of minutes, give us a call and we’ll walk you through it. You can call us on 317-816-6900 or email Bob on bobkobek@customercount.com .